When it comes time to lose weight, the last thing that you want to have to do is wait for results.  Nobody actually likes dieting!  So many people choose to try to find the best fast diet plans to be able to get the process over with as quickly as they can.  Though there are some programs out there that can allow you to drop weight very quickly, it is important to recognize that they aren’t for everyone and they do come with some significant drawbacks, as well.

The entire concept behind losing weight is that if it comes off slowly but steadily – a pound or two every week – then it is likely to stay off.  However, fast diet plans are typically designed to be able to achieve rapid, but only temporary weight loss.  It may come off, but it won’t stay that way. 

There are many reasons that fast diet plans are not a long term solution. The first is that these ultra rapid weight loss programs typically don’t cause you to lose a lot of fat.  You may lose some fat, but the majority of what will be lost is extra fluid in the tissues, as well as possibly waste from the intestines.  Though this can make a difference in being able to fit into a dress or pair of pants just a little bit better than you usually would, it will come right back again as soon as you are fully hydrated and start eating normally. 

The next reason that these rapid weight loss programs do not provide long term benefits is that they don’t allow you to develop the habits that you need to be able to keep the weight off.  The reason that you have excess fat in the first place is because of your eating and/or exercising habits.  Even if you were able to drop the added fat – and not just fluid from the tissues – within a short span of time, as soon as you slip back into your old habits, those pounds will climb back on very quickly.

Finally, fast diet plans usually involve eating a very small number of calories every day.  After a short time, this causes your body to automatically flip into “starvation mode” and slow down your metabolism.  This means that you will not only slow down your weight loss, but when you finish the diet, it means that you will not be able to eat a typical number of calories without having your weight climb back up again, as your body isn’t metabolizing your food as effectively anymore.

Overall, these efforts can help you to look just a little bit better for that important weekend, but they should not be considered the right strategy for any long term benefits.